28 February 2007

From Big Blue To Little Blue

Back in the fall of 1997 I was a single man, living in an apartment in Chapel Hill, NC, and working at IBM. I decided to leave IBM to go work for Rational Software.

Five years later, I was married, living in a house in Raleigh along with two step-cats, a dog, and a baby boy. While I was out back chain-sawing trees that had fallen during an ice storm into our yard and onto our house, Shelley called out to me the news that Rational had just been acquired by IBM.

Fast forward four more years, two more moves and one daughter. In that time I've continued to work for IBM, but now remotely from my home office. That is, until today. Today, after more than nine years, I am leaving IBM (again). There was no party, and there were no songs because everyone I work with is somewhere else. That's OK.

I left not because I was unhappy with IBM, but instead because an opportunity knocked on my door in the form of a company called
AdaptiveBlue. This is a Web 2.0 company that provides a plug-in that promises to "make your browser smarter". Though I'll still be involved in testing and quality, this will be a big change for me because AdaptiveBlue is small and agile in the exact way that IBM is not. Also, as one of just five employees, I'll have a chance to make a real impact.

So, goodbye Rational and IBM. Thanks for the experiences.


Alex said...

Nice badge there Andy. I mean the IBM one. I also like how you decided to shave before joining the little blue - respect for that!

Now to the point. I see that you've got this link to Amazon and while I am found of them (obviously!) i have to say that BlueLinks would be sexier. As in MySpace kind of sexy ;)

Its awesome to have you on board full time. We are about to kick some major ass!


Shelley said...

Sniff sniff... no, not really. But IBM was pretty good to you (and us). It's the end of an era: beginning of another one!

Dave said...

So I just ran across this post after reading some guy's blog about asides...or parenthetically speaking (digression). Love the old badge, good luck in the new job, and go blue!

Toni said...

long, long ago, in a galaxy far far away, lived and worked my father, for the great IBM.

he moved on. but he never forgot them.

good luck with the new challenges - make the most of them!