26 August 2005

Another Compelling Distraction

As I set out into the blogosphere, I first consider for whom I write. Can I believe that there are tens/hundreds/thousands of Andy fans in the world who would gladly spend a minute or three to read what is going on in my life and in my head?

Probably not.

Two years ago, I was living in apartment while this house was being built. This required me to routinely take my dog and erstwhile companion to the lawn area to "do her business". Since I often encountered other people while on these trips, I was initially concerned about my appearance. Before going into the world I would often spend time grooming, changing clothes, or donning a "no-shower" cap. This was until I realized that no one was noticing me. People were too busy being concerned of their own affairs as they made their way home or to wherever to pay any attention to whether or not I had bed head.

Based on this truth, I have to conclude that writing this blog is more something I am doing for me, than for you. Don't get mad, I'm glad you are here and have read this far. I will do my best to make it relevant or at least interesting for you. I hope you like it.