16 September 2007

Mr. Roth Goes to Washington

(and Mrs. Roth, too)


A break was definitely needed. A respite from work, from kids, from dishes, from the dog, from laundry. Two days with no agenda and no screen time. Yes, a break was needed, and a break we had.

Thanks to my folks, Shelley and I were able to leave our real-lives behind and visit Washington D.C. as tourists for the weekend. A fairly short drive to Shady Grove followed by a fairly short Metro ride to Dupont Circle (doors open right side), topped off with a fairly short walk had us to our hotel in plenty of time to visit the Brickskeller for a beer before taking advantage of the complimentary wine.

The gentle rain did not detract from a photowalking expedition to some monuments and memorials. Washington and Lincoln were nice, but the World War II memorial was just fantastic. Here are some shots from that night.

Lincoln Side

Fountains and Wreaths

We dinnered at Al Tiramisu, where judging by the photos on the wall, is as popular with famous folk as is Bullock's BBQ in Durham, NC. Despite the fact that they did not ask me to pose, it was still a very good dinner.

On Saturday morning, we walked to Georgetown, stopping along the way for breakfast at Bread and Chocolate European Bakery, where I had both in the form of Pfannkuchen and hot chocolate.

Foamy fun

We headed to the Capitol on Saturday afternoon to see where the magic happens. There were many strange and interesting protesters on the scene, exercising their rights.


There were also soft-pretzel vendors working the crowd, exercising their rights to make money off people exercising their rights. What could be more American? Not dinner, since we ate at The Dubliner Irish pub. It was then back to the Mall for some more nighttime photowalking. All together it was a great and much needed respite. More photos on Zooomr (and Shelley's Zooomr too).

Fire in the House

Washington Sunset


12 September 2007

One To Three

One To Three

Today, Ella began three-year old pre-school at the Onica Prall Child Development Laboratory at Hood College. What is a lab school? It is a place where college students who are considering becoming teachers go to learn that maybe they should pursue a different career path.

Ella was a bit nervous in the days leading up to this milestone, but just after leaving the house this morning, she calmed down, felt ready, and handled it all like a champ. She just got home, and said her favorite part was playing with her new "bestest friend" whose name she can't remember