31 December 2007

Fake New Year's Eve

Continuing a tradition that may be in its 16th year, a group of old friends got together to celebrate the new year. This time, New Park, PA was the venue, and for various reasons, we celebrated early, and in shifts.

As usual, much fun was had by all. It was also quite nice that Penn State scheduled its bowl win to coincide with the festivities, as did the New England Patriots and their record-breaking-palooza.

Special thanks to Janine and Hugh for taking good care of us and letting us stay in what I still think is the coolest house ever.

Here are some pictures (the complete set, now spanning 2 of the 16 years, can be found on Zooomr.




21 December 2007

Dear Santa - 2007

Just like last year, the kids have written to the jolliest man at the North Pole to share their thoughts and requests.

Dear Santa-
Hello. How are you doing Santa Clause? I have been nice to Alex this year. I let other people eat the food I don’t like. I give my dog Charlie bones. I help my Daddy.

Could I please have a Princess kitchen? I’d also like a pink or purple MP3 player to listen to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (please say “Hi” to Rudolph for me). I’d also like an i-Dog that taps his paw. A Princess Jasmine doll and dress would be nice too. I want a bunch more stuff. I also want a princess movie without any little shows like my other two.

You know how to find our house because you’ve been here a hundred times. I’ll leave some of my toys that I don’t like so you can take them to poor children that don’t have toys.

Good-bye Santa Claus.

Dear Santa-
I’ve been a good boy. I’ve let Charlie out. I help get movies started again because they are all messed up and paused in the middle. That’s a lot! I help clean the house. I help my mom and dad.

Can I please have an MP3 player? Can I please have an i-Dog? I would also like a Nintendo DS. I want some Star Wars toys – those things are cool – especially droids.

You can get to my house by looking at my house number which is 2823. I have nine wreaths on my house. There are some green decorations around my porch posts and they might light up when you come.

Love, Alex

05 December 2007

Poetry In Motion?

The year was 1993. I was living in Altoona, PA. I had too much time on my hands in the evenings after work and I had a VHS-C camcorder that I'd received the previous Christmas. This is the result: