10 January 2008

Roth 365


Every day of our lives is precious in that each one will never come again. There should be at least one thing everyday that is worth seeing and worth remembering. Too often we don't see these things because we are too busy with other things or because we are simply not looking.

A few months ago, Thomas Hawk published his Principles and Guidelines for the Modern Photowalker. In this post Thomas said

I see more of the world when I have my camera with me. I notice things that I wouldn't otherwise. People's expressions, architecture, the sky...When I am out walking my eyes are open. I see the world in color. In all its splendor and
beauty. People are more real, more alive. The world is a far, far, more
beautiful place.

The second of his principles was "Shoot every day. You eat every day. You drink water every day. You breath every day don't you? So shoot every day too." Based on this advice, I've decided to take this challenge and shoot a good picture every day - no matter what.

I have two goals for doing this. The first is to improve my photography. I have to hope that putting time and effort into something every day will make me better at it. The second reason is that I want to change the way I see the world. I want to notice what would otherwise go unnoticed and appreciate it.

I'm only ten days into this odyssey, but so far so good. You can see and follow this effort at Roth365. Please visit when you have the chance, and if you feel compelled, leave me some comments for encouragement.