15 April 2006

Walkin' in West Virginia

After a morning of exercise, pancakes, soccer practice, and an ill-fated trip to Wal-Mart, we decided to carpe the diem and travel to historic Harper's Ferry in butt-of-many jokes West Virginia.

To continue the theme of baby things I don't miss, we made the excursion without strollers or baby-totin' backpacks for the first time. The kids kept up (mostly), and didn't break down (too often).

We also splurged on the $25 pass which is good for a year, rather then spending $6 each time we visit. So, expect us to make the 30 minute trip at least 4 more times before next April 30 (3 more times if you use Shelley math*. )

* I'm just teasing. Shelley is good at math. Not only does she have a math degree, but she was a star math-lete in high school. Posted by Picasa