22 December 2013

Kids Letters to Santa 2013

  Dear Santa,
For Christmas this year I would like   
1.nail art kit
2.My cat ate my gymsuit
3.a puppy
4.a wallet
5.artist pencils and erasers
6.kindle fire
7.kindle fire case
8.lip gloss
9.doctor who stuff
10.chair cushion
I think I have been good this year by giving kenzie baths, being nice to my little cousins, getting good grades and behaving in my new school.
Ella Roth

Dear Santa,
Hello, how has life been, I hope that you are doing well, and that you haven’t been trampled by your reindeer. Anyways, this Christmas I would like a thermos, a Minecraft iPhone case(generation 4), the 11th Doctor’s screwdriver, Age of Mythology Titans, and maybe some new gloves. i deserve this stuff because although there have been occasions where I broke Wil Wheaton’s #1 rule, I have been good overall, I have begun being a useful member of my family by doing things like making breakfast and doing the dishes. I have also worked hard at singing and several project assignments that I have had, such as the whole Egypt thing. (which reminds me, could you please also repair my bowtie if you have the time?) I have also given a lot of effort to get nice presents for everyone else in my family this year(I won’t say what because a least one of them, Hi Dad, will most likely be reading this letter) So, that’s all I have to say about that.
                                                            Merry Christmas,
                                                                    Alex Roth