19 December 2012

Kids Letters To Santa - 2012

Dear Santa,                                           12-19-12 
for Christmas I would like: Halo 4, a watch, the 39 clues Vesper Hunt and maybe a new full sized basketball. I deserve this stuff because I have, in my opinion, behaved this year. I first was just generally the one who settled arguments or cheered people up. Example: I read to Sick Ella the other night. I have also done stuff for people just because I felt like it. Example: I made Ella’s lunch for her on several occasions. Finally I did all of my homework and stuff, and got it handed in on time. Example: My 4 reports I all got finished and typed up by the due date. Merry Christmas!! :) 
Alex Roth 

Dear Santa, 
For Christmas I want the third and a half dork diaries book, makeup, socks, american girl doll pants, shirts, and red dress. I also want earrings, LPS (littlest pet shop), a santa outfit for kenzie, a new ipod touch, nail polish, and a puppy friend for kenzie :) I have earned this stuff because I got all A’s on my report card, I help out with the dog, and I was good every time daddy was in New York City. 

From the good little girl, 

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