22 December 2014

I didn't suspect this tradition would make it to 2014, but it looks like it has. So without further ado...

Dear Santa Claus,
Hello again, another year, thanks for the stuff from last year, it was pretty awesome. This Christmas my requests aren’t drastically different from last year. I would like, please, Supernatural and Doctor Who merchandise (Shirts, posters, ect.) I’m good on many conventional items(except for socks, socks are always good) so I would also like money towards my trip to Italy in a few years, also, Hetalia Merchandise wouldn’t be terrible either. I have yet another Age Of Mythology request, this time the mac version, please. Alright, now onto the part where I talk about how great I am. I for starters, have kept my grades up and gotten straight A’s since last Christmas, I’ve helped out at home more, and at other people’s houses, and even broken up a few fights in school.(The last thing the world needs is violent 12-year-olds) I’ve put up with my English teacher, which I think my whole class deserves a prize for, and worked my butt off in a ton of extra activities (Two plays, four concerts, and guitar) and have managed not to hospitalize my sister, even though yes, I have fought with her. Anyways, thanks again for last year and I hope you have just as merry a christmas this year.

Alex Roth

Dear Santa,
for Christmas this year I would really like it if you could bring me some nice slippers and a bathrobe. Also, could you bring me some new shampoo and conditioner I like the one called Herbal essentials(I’m not sure if thats how it’s spelled) I would also appreciate it if you could bring me a nice new ball of yarn(like the kind I showed mom at Michaels)  
I have been very(maybe not very) good this year. During the summer I helped Dad build the lawn mower shed and I did all of my chores most of the time. I did attack my brother but not as much as usual. I have gotten good grades and hope that you will be here soon.(we moved I know you came last year but just so you know 123 Thurgood St.)
Love your biggest fan,