25 June 2007

Duck Brown Goes to San Francisco

Night Lights

Duck Brown and I spent most of last week in San Francisco for a business trip. I managed to keep waking up in EDT, so had a few chances to shoot some pictures in the morning before getting busy with work.

So, here are some of the shots. Click through for bigger versions and some explanations of what they are.

Blue Guy in San Fran Red Fire Light Bay Bird Bird By Bay Bridge

Duck Brown and Ghandi's Foot Passive Resistance Duck Brown Reflects on MoMA Duck Brown Money Shot

15 June 2007

Here Comes The Big Parade

The 53 Annual Carroll Manor Fire Company Carnival kicked off yesterday with the yearly parade through the streets of Adamstown. The parade is a big hit with the kids since they love them some candy. Here are some shots. Click through for larger versions.

upInTheSky ellaWaves


smiles missed

08 June 2007

Pictures From NC

I realize it is two weeks later, but here are some shots from our Memorial Day trip to North Carolina. To read more about the actual Pig Pickin', read Dave's post. Don't blog like my brother.

The cousins pose on the porch on Sunday morning.

A rare shot where Alex's head seems small.

Ella and Thomas - her all time favorite fur-friend of the week.

Seeing Spider-Man 3 made Alex want to climb.

Dave was more than half-lit in this shot.

Why not play some golf at the baseball game?

Here's Lookin at Sue
I blame Dave Hill for this picture.

Unlike Alex, Zoe has crazy good climbing skills