20 February 2008

The First 50

Here is an overview of the first 50 days of my photo a day odyssey sorted by awesomeness:


Beyond learning to spell "odyssey", this exercise has been a good challenge for me. I hope that forcing my self to shoot a good picture everyday, no matter what, is making me into a better photographer. I guess we'll see where things stand 316 days from now.

Thanks to everyone who has been following along, and especially to the two people who have left comments. Also thanks to my fine friends at Zooomr for providing inspiration and feedback.

17 February 2008

Week O' Blue

Continuing the Color Theory Challenge for the month of February, this past week's color was blue:




09 February 2008

Seeing Red

Trevor Carpenter, over at PhotoChallenge.org is have a Color Theory Challenge for the month of February. The idea is that:

What is Color Theory? Well, for our purposes it is basically making a concerted
effort to capture an image with one single color overwhelming the majority of
the image. Basically, your photo should be primarily one color. Be creative
though, I’d love to see photos that capture a color in a new and unorthodox way.
Since one the challenges I am finding in trying to shoot a good photo-a-day (going strong after 40 days) is finding ideas for subject matter, this challenge is a boon to my muse.
Here are my favorite three for the Week of Red: