30 May 2007

Pig, Bull, and Chicken

We spent a long Memorial Day weekend in North Carolina attending the Second Annual Pig Pickin. Read Dave's blog for more details on what is involved with turning a 72 pound pig body into a delicious meal. I will tell you that he has the knack, and as they say in Charolette's Web, that was some pig.

We also did some other fun stuff in NC, including visiting downtown Mebane for some good pizza, seeing Spider-Man 3 in Durham, and attending a Durham Bull's game. I'll do another post with pictures from the weekend once Zooomr is back online.

On Monday night, aka Going Home Eve, I noticed some suspicious red spots on my shoulder. I would have written them off as bug bites had our neighbor back in Adamstown not informed us that her daughter and constant friend and playmate of Alex and Ella had the pox. The Chicken Pox that is.

To cut to the chase, I don't have the pox, since I had them a few decades ago. My doctor says I either have shingles or bug bites. Ella, on the other hand, definitely has Chicken Pox, and it seems Alex may have them, too. Looks like we'll all be speding some more time together over the next few days.

So, if any of the 60 or so people at the Pig Pickin or the 10,000 people at the Bull's game get some red dots on themselves, I apologize.

21 May 2007

Robot Redux

Despite what I said, maybe I don't want a robot after all.

10 May 2007

Hi, Five.


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Today Alex turned five. He says that being five "feels good because I am bigger, faster, and have more toys." His favorite new toy was a Blue Lightning Storm McQueen:

Anyway, look for a follow-up post after Sunday when he is having his party. In the meantime, read the first comment for the previously unpublished and unfinished story of the the days leading up to his birth.

07 May 2007

Thirty Five, and a Half

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Yesterday was a big day for Shelley. She started the day by racing in the Frederick half-marathon. She ran the 13.1 mile race in under two hours, which is better than a 9 minute per mile pace, for those of you keeping score at home.

This feat is all the more remarkable when you consider that she is now a year older than she was a few days ago. She celebrated her 35th birthday after the race by hosting a party for 50+ of her closest friends. If I am ever able to run that far that fast (which I can tell you now - not gonna happen), I am quite sure I would celebrate with some serious couch time. Not my bride. She was up and about and mingling with the guests well into the wee small hours, and was even spotted doing some dishes after everyone left. The fact that she went to bed at 9:30 tonight should in no way take away from any of that.

So, congratulations Shelley, on a race well run and 35 years well lived.

02 May 2007

Soccer Night

The U6 Soccer season continued tonight here in Adamstown, with the mighty Avalanche taking on the Navy Blue Team. Two differences about the game. First, Coach Chad was out of town, so coach Shelley stepped onto the pitch as acting head coach. Second, this was the Avalanche's first, and as far as I know only, night game.

Otherwise, it was a typical U6 soccer game, but worth photographing if for no other reason then the light is better at 6:30 PM then it is at 11:30 AM. So, here are two shots of Alex, either of which might make you think he knows what he is doing:

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No More Teacher's Dirty Looks

Tomorrow will be Alex's last day of pre-school. He started at the Onica Prall Lab School at Hood College back in September 2005, which looking back, seems like a long time ago.

Alex on his very first day in the three year old class - Sept 05

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Alex on his first day of four year old class - Sept 06
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Alex today
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