07 May 2007

Thirty Five, and a Half

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Yesterday was a big day for Shelley. She started the day by racing in the Frederick half-marathon. She ran the 13.1 mile race in under two hours, which is better than a 9 minute per mile pace, for those of you keeping score at home.

This feat is all the more remarkable when you consider that she is now a year older than she was a few days ago. She celebrated her 35th birthday after the race by hosting a party for 50+ of her closest friends. If I am ever able to run that far that fast (which I can tell you now - not gonna happen), I am quite sure I would celebrate with some serious couch time. Not my bride. She was up and about and mingling with the guests well into the wee small hours, and was even spotted doing some dishes after everyone left. The fact that she went to bed at 9:30 tonight should in no way take away from any of that.

So, congratulations Shelley, on a race well run and 35 years well lived.

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Shelley said...

Thanks, Honey! This is why you are my H.B.!