24 December 2015

Kid Letter to Santa 2015

Here is the annual tradition where the kids write letters to Santa. Ok, turns out only half the kids wrote a letter this year.

Dear Santa

Merry Christmas
This year for Christmas I would like a dog for the family, not a puppy but a dog, one that’s already house-trained would be nice and I know that dad would rather have an older 2 or 3 year old dog than a little tiny puppy. Also I think that Kenzie would love to have an all day friend who actually likes to do doggie things.
I was good this year and while you may not think that I helped with Kenzie it’s true since the beginning of November but that’s because I have SO many activities and don’t really have time or energy. Before that I walked her a lot. I’ve also gotten good grades in school and I haven’t even missed a day yet! I’m sorry that this letter is so late btI just lost track of time a bit. If you can’t grant my wishes than that’s okay because I was so late but THANK YOU anyways.


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